Hydrotech is officially in the Guinness World Records database!

Photo from: constructionreviewonline.com

In 2020 we delivered 120 units of the biggest Hydrotech Disc filters model to what should become the world’s largest disc filter installation in the world’s largest treatment plant.

We can now proudly confirm that Hydrotech is officially a part of the Guinness World records database!

The plant is built to treat water for reuse in agriculture to assure the possibility to grow crops in a normally dry area. The Hydrotech Disc filters are installed to capture suspended solids and thereby securing the required water quality.

The world's largest water treatment plant is called Bahr El-Baqar Treatment Plant and is located in the Sinai area of Egypt. The plant is designed for a capacity of 64.8 m³ (2,288 ft³) per second. This enormous flow amounts up to an astonishing 2,044,000,000 cubic meters per year. The treatment plant has a total area of 650,000 Square meters.


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Photo from: constructionreviewonline.com
Bahr El Baqar wastewater treatment
Photo from Guinness World Records