Hydrotech Performance Filter (HPF)

The new Hydrotech Performance Filter is equipped with patented PAGUS™ particle guidance technology. It enhances particle extraction and increases filtration capacity.
Hydrotech Performance Filter with PAGUS technoogy

The new Hydrotech Performance Filter equipped with the patented PAGUS™ technology

Key advantages

  • More than twice as much filtration area per filter unit
  • Enhanced extraction of solid particles with PAGUS Technology
  • Increased filtration capacity with PAGUS Technology
Hydrotech Performance Filter
Hydrotech Performance Filter

PAGUS Technology

PAGUS is a patented technology for faster particle extraction. The particle guidance system boosts performance and offers a more compact solution. The combination of increased filtration area per filter and PAGUS technology reduces the number of units required and offers a smaller physical footprint.

  • Optimized disc design for guidance of backwashed particles

  • Improved communication between disc segments and drum

  • Re-designed and optimized solids trough Improved backwash design

Hydrotech Performance Disc Filter

Total redesign of the disc


  • Increased filtration area and smaller footprint per disc
  • Parts per disc reduced by 75%, cutting down on maintenance time and cost
  • Improved hydraulic design to minimize pressure loss
  • Optimized disc design with PAGUS Technology for guidance of backwashed particles
  • Simplified process to replace filter panels for easier maintenance
  • Enhanced water flow between disc segments, drum and disc and the solids trough

Totally redesigned spray arm


  • Patent pending multiple nozzle holder in lightweight material
  • Reduced total spray bar weight
  • 50% reduction in the number of parts
  • Minimal number of potential leakage points
  • Geometrically failsafe design
  • Electrically operated spray bar simplifies and minimizes risk during maintenance procedures.
  • Manual operation assures maintenance during a possible power outage
  • Improved cleaning of woven filtration media

Hydrotech spraybar

More improvements and benefits


The new design allows manufacturing in special corrosion-resistant alloys such as Duplex and Super Duplex steel.

Hydraulic improvements

To minimize undesirable pressure-loss inside the filter unit, the tank/frame, drum and disc have been hydraulically optimized and redesigned.


The engineered hinge solution improves installation flexibility and enables the cover to be opened in both directions.

This assures full maintenance access on both sides of the filter unit. The new cover is electrically opened and closed, has improved sound isolation, modern visual design, and can be operated manually during a power outage. The one-hood cover removes all possible leakage points. Covers for the Hydrotech HPF model range are made from non-corrosive GRP material.


The remodeled drive system optimizes mechanical operating conditions and reduces chain force – increasing product lifetime. The new, robust, lightweight plastic chain comes with a non-corrosive plastic chain drive, extending product lifetime.

Chemical spray bar

The new chemical spray bar is manufactured in a Duplex steel pipe to avoid pipe extension due to temperature variations.
It provides increased spray coverage to assure the best possible cleaning of filter media.

Solids trough

The new PAGUS technology solids trough is specially engineered for enhanced solids extraction.
It is self-supported, has a horizontal top edge and reduced weight. The main part is produced in non-corrosive GRP.
Other parts can be made of special corrosion-resistant alloys such as Duplex steel.

Other improvements

Level transmitters continuously measure level difference, improving performance in larger installations where several filter units are used.
A new backwash pressure transmitter is included in projects where the Hydrotech PFLC control cabinet is provided to further enhance filter unit performance.


Contact your Hydrotech representative to find out more about how these new innovations improve performance.