Phosphorus removal

Phosphorus removal

Unique filtration solutions for removing P in wastewater

Hydrotech has developed a solution to cost-efficiently reduce the total phosphorous (P) in wastewater. Phosphorus is one of the main components that need to be reduced before discharging treated wastewater. 

Hydrotech microscreen filters reduce both phosphorous particles and dissolved phosphorous (via flocculation/coagulation) in wastewater. We can guarantee P removal to below 0,1 mg TP/l.


Key benefits

  • Compact P-removal solution
  • Steady < 0,1 mg TP/l outlet
  • Cost-efficient compared to other available technologies
  • High stability solution
  • Minimum maintenance, sturdy reliable compact design
  • Solutions optimized to customer needs


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There are over 12,000 Hydrotech filter units installed around the world. 

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Philip Wassvik

Deputy Sales Director & Municipal Sales Manager
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