Hydrotech filters are optimized for the best possible quality, minimizing environmental impact. They are available in many variations for all types of aquaculture, industrial and municipal water treatment applications.

We are market leaders in providing filters with unmatched high quality, long life, and durability. We make sure our products and solutions fit each customer and project.


Premium as standard

We constantly develop filter technologies to create new and innovative solutions.
Hydrotech drum filters and disc filters are available in 500 different variations and are used in a vast range of municipal, industrial and aquaculture applications. 
Our filters are cost-effective with an optimized design to secure the best possible quality, minimizing environmental impact. Manufactured in Sweden and exposed to the highest possible quality, we offer premium as standard.

Hydrotech technologies set the industrial standard for particle separation.
We have long experience in supplying the best water filtration solutions for most industries.

Hydrotech is the global leader in filters for the municipal market. Our unique filter design provides cost-efficient solutions with minimum footprint for municipal wastewater and potable water plants.
Hydrotech filters improve water quality in Recirculation Aquaculture Systems (RAS), effluent and intake of flow-through fish farms in a stable, efficient, economically and environmentally sound way.