Combining technologies

Combining technologies

A proven combination with unmatched performance

Actiflo® Disc

The compact Actiflo® Disc combines Actiflo and Hydrotech technologies to provide excellent removal of particles. It efficiently handles both high SS and fluctuating SS loads.

The Actiflo® technology is a ballast sand settler that relies on micro sand being mixed with flocculated wastewater and polymers. This creates large, robust flocs of particles in the water, working perfectly with Hydrotech filters that remove them.


Key benefits

  • Manages filtrate TSS < 5 mg/L with high TSS loads (TSS feed > 1000 mg/L)
  • Designed for handling highly fluctuating TSS loads
  • A compact, combined installation


MBBR effluent filtration

Hydrotech filter + MBBR (Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor) creates a unique solution for clients all over the world.

The AnoxKaldnes MBBR technology is a compact, flexible, and highly effective biological treatment that creates flocs of biomass in wastewater using biofilm. 

These flocs are removed in the following phase, where Hydrotech Drum or disc filters achieve excellent filtration rates.


Key Benefits

  • One package, two technologies that minimize total footprint
  • Optimal upgrade from activated sludge plant for higher capacities.
  • Low TSS in filtrate < 10 mg/l

Minimized footprint

The combination of the AnoxKaldnes™ MBBR technology and Hydrotech™ Disc filter results in footprints that are up to six times smaller than conventional biological treatments.


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