Hydrotech HSF2600 Disc Filter

The re-engineered Hydrotech HSF2600 offers a 33% greater filtration area, a 16% smaller footprint, and 25% less power consumption compared to previous disc filters.
It contains robust, lightweight parts for years of constant use.
Hydrotech Patented Spray Nozzles

A disc filter that’s engineered to do the job – regardless

Designed, engineered, and produced in Sweden with a long track record of excellent performance and quality, the re-engineered Hydrotech HSF2600 offers greater filtration. And with a host of improvements, it does its job so much better.


Key advantages

33% greater filtration area*

16% smaller footprint**

25% less power consumption**

Hydrotech Disc filter

Main improvements: Hydrotech HSF2600




Filtration area

• Largest Hydrotech model with 40 discs
• Filtration area of 304 m²
• A more compact design enables a smaller footprint

Power Consumption

• More efficient cleaning with patented multiple nozzle holder
• Less frequent chemical cleaning


Laser etching on tank sheets & frame profiles offers better precision for faster and more accurate manufacturing. Improved spray bar protrusion seals.


The filter cover opens in both directions, providing full maintenance access on both sides of the filter unit giving operators easier access and reducing their work time.



The robust, lightweight, plastic chain is non-corrosive for years of constant use.

Spray bar

The innovative spray bar has a patented multiple holder made from lightweight materials, reducing total weight and improving the cleaning of the filter panels. The spray bar has 50% fewer parts per spray arm and better coverage with a 67% increased movement pattern.


Spray nozzles

The patented spray nozzle is optimally positioned closer to the cloth. The spray nozzles improve solids removal and cleaning efficiency.

Chemical cleaning

Improved design for better spray coverage with two different spray nozzle types and the unique Hydrotech nozzle holder. The main console for the chemical spray bar is replaced with brackets, reducing weight by more than 70%.


Backwash pipework

Backwash pipework

An improved hydraulic design of the Hydrotech backwash strainer and increased size of pipework and fittings minimize pressure loss during backwash.





* per filter unit, compared to the previous HSF2630
** per m2 filtration area compared to the previous HSF2630

Hydrotech Innovation

Another innovation from Hydrotech

Hydrotech has been producing market-leading filters for around 40 years. We have delivered more than 12,000 filters worldwide and are a part of the French group Veolia.

Take advantage of our superior products and solutions that our in-house process engineering, manufacturing, and development teams continually test and improve. Examples of iterations in our process include continuous on-site testing, structural analysis, and piloting rental units. Benefits include fewer filter units per solution, driving down costs, maintenance, and environmental impact.