Effluent polishing

Effluent polishing

Cost-efficient filtration systems from Hydrotech

Effluent polishing (Tertiary wastewater treatment)

Hydrotech filters offer an excellent fixed barrier in providing effluent polishing to help meet ever-stricter demands on effluents from wastewater treatment plants. 

Hydrotech disc filter technology is considered the most cost-effective for tertiary treatment. The lifetime of a Hydrotech filter panel is between 10-15 years according to customer data. Today more than 3,000 filters are installed worldwide in wastewater treatment plants (WWTP).


Hydrotech's mechanical and process expertise helps thousands of clients achieve their requirements in the most cost-effective way.  We also provide long-term support directly and through our global network of partners.

Key benefits

  • More than 3,000 filters installed worldwide
  • Cost-effective upgrade from conventional sand filters
  • 80% footprint reduction compared to conventional treatment
  • Flexible, modular design
  • 50-90% SS reduction without upstream chemical dosing


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There are over 12,000 Hydrotech filter units installed around the world. 

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Deputy Sales Director & Municipal Sales Manager
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