Intake Water

Hydrotech filters build a barrier against defined particle size.
Intake water

Filtering industrial intake water is considered the best practice for removing organic and inorganic solids.

Hydrotech disc filters build an absolute barrier against defined particle sizes, perfect when source water contains microorganisms such as zebra mussel larvae, which can cause huge problems in process equipment.


Actiflo® Disc

The compact Actiflo® Disc set-up combines Actiflo and Hydrotech technologies to ensure excellent particle removal. The combination efficiently handles high total suspended solid (TSS) loads and fluctuating TSS loads.

Actiflo® technology is a sand-ballasted lamella settler that relies on micro-sand mixed with coagulant and polymer to increase settling velocity. This creates large, robust flocs of the particles in the water, a perfect combination with Hydrotech filters that can then remove them.


Key benefits

  • Manage filtrate TSS < 5 mg/L even with high TSS loads (TSS feed > 1000 mg/L)
  • Designed for handling highly fluctuating TSS loads
  • Compact, combined installation


This process is similar to the Actiflo® Disc solution and uses coagulation and flocculation to reduce TSS concentration.

Chemical pretreatment produces strong flocs big enough to separate using the disc filter. The solution offers low CAPEX as no upstream settler is needed.


Key benefits

  • Manage filtrate TSS < 5 mg/L with a limit of 100 mg TSS/L in the feed
  • CAPEX-aggressive solution
  • Compact, combined installation
  • Several installations world-wide so far


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There are over 12,000 Hydrotech filter units installed around the world. 

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