Hydrotech disc filters

Hydrotech’s mechanical, self-cleaning disc filters are specially designed to remove suspended solids. Built using high-quality materials, they offer unmatched filtration in many applications.
Hydrotech Disc Filter

Sustainable water filtration

Welcome to the front line of water filtration technology, where innovation meets sustainability. Hydrotech disc filters provide continuous water filtration with a focus on value, efficiency, reliability, and performance.

Hydrotech Disc Filter

Efficient design and performance

Hydrotech disc filters feature a compact design without compromising on effectiveness. Our expertise in stainless steel types and fabrication, combined with our commitment to quality, delivers filters built to last - with many filter units being in operation for 15+ years and counting.

Performance meets the highest standards

Hydrotech disc filters are engineered for suspended solids removal, with a proven performance of up to 98% efficiency. What sets us apart is the continuous filtration during backwash, eliminating the need for an external water source or redundant units.
Our filters are also Title 22 approved, meeting the highest standards in water treatment.

Low maintenance, high reliability

Experience minimum maintenance with simple wear parts replacement. The filter panels can be changed seamlessly while the unit is in operation, and all maintenance parts, including lubrication points, are easily accessible. Each filter requires only one pump and one drive engine, streamlining the maintenance process.

Economic value redefined

Hydrotech disc filters bring great economic value to the table. Featuring self-cleaning backwash nozzles and a patented moving spray bar that reduces backwash water consumption, these filters ensure not only low installation costs but also economical operation and maintenance.

Customized to your needs

Ideal for Tertiary treatment, Water reuse, Intake water, and aquaculture applications where the filter footprint needs to be reduced, our disc filters provide a versatile solution for several process applications.


Learn more about how the Hydrotech disc filter technology works in our video: