Hydrotech Nutri-pack™ for Aquaculture

Hydrotech Nutri-pack™ offers a comprehensive and sustainable approach to sludge treatment in aquaculture. With tightening environmental regulations and increasing consumer demands for responsible production, farmers face the challenge of meeting compliance requirements.

A sustainable approach to sludge treatment in Aquaculture

As environmental regulations for aquaculture tighten and consumer demands for responsible production rise, meeting compliance requirements becomes paramount. Hydrotech offers a comprehensive solution that addresses the key challenges farmers face in the aquaculture industry. Our solution not only supports farmers to meet production plans and license conditions but also sustainable management of fish farm sludge, all while embracing a responsible and environmentally conscious approach to farming.


Key challenges

  • Stricter environmental regulations
    With regulations for aquaculture becoming increasingly stringent, farmers face the challenge of meeting evolving compliance requirements.
  • Sustainable sludge management
    Effective management of fish farm sludge (solids) is crucial for responsible farming practices and environmental sustainability.
  • Market access and accreditation
    Many finished product markets require third-party accreditations and standards that have strict effluent/di­scharge conditions, making compliance essential for market access.
  • Environmental consciousness
    Consumer demands for responsible and environmentally conscious production are on the rise, further emphasi­zing the need for sustainable solutions.


Our solution

Hydrotech Nutri-pack is a key building block that addresses challenges faced by aquaculture farmers today, and our data shows significant results:

Total Suspended Solids
Total Suspended Solids (TSS)
Achieve up to 99% reduction in Total Suspended Solids (TSS), en­suring cleaner water and impro­ved environmental conditions.
Total Phosphorus
Total Phosphorus (TP)
Remove up to 99% of Total Phosphorus (TP), contributing to the reduction of harmful nutri­ents in aquatic environments.
Total Nitrogen (TN)
Reduce Total Nitrogen (TN) by up to 60%, minimizing nitrogen pol­lution and its detrimental effects on water quality.
Aquaculture Sludge
Sludge Thickness
Attain sludge thickness up to 2%, promoting efficient management and reducing the environmental impact.


Significant reductions for achieving discharge limits

Our product provides a turn-key approach to support farms comply with their nutrient discharge requirements.

Optimized coagulant and polymer dosing

We tailor our chemical dosing to the specific requirements of aquaculture, ensuring maximum effectiveness and efficiency

Package plant solution

Our package plant solution allows for fast delivery, minimal site disruption, and easy installation

Small footprint

Our solution has a small physical footprint, making it suitable for farms with limited space

Easy maintenance and performance monitoring

Our product is designed for ease of maintenance, and we provide performance monitoring tools to ensure opti­mal operation and results.

Low Impact on the environment

We are committed to sustainable practices, and our solution minimizes the load on the environment, ensuring responsible farming.

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