The Hydrotech HPC system

High-pressure cleaning for Hydrotech performance filters

The new, patent-pending Hydrotech high-pressure cleaning system for performance filter series consists of a custom-designed spray bar and a high-pressure trolley unit. This new deep-cleaning procedure is more efficient, making savings on time and costs.

Prevent long-term clogging

The high-pressure cleaning system provides an additional cleaning method to prevent long-term clogging, which can lower the system's performance. Using the Hydrotech HPC System ensures consistent performance and prolongs filter life.

Quickly regain maximum capacity

The Hydrotech HPC System can quickly regain maximum capacity in the event of an unplanned system overload. It minimizes unnecessary downtime and ensures your system is up and running as soon as possible.

Save time and money

The Hydrotech HPC system decreases the need for backwashing and chemical cleaning, saving manual maintenance time and lowering energy and chemical consumption. This makes the HPC system a great investment for long-term savings on maintenance costs.

Efficient and cost-saving

The custom-designed spray bar and high-pressure trolley unit work together to provide an efficient, cost-saving deep cleaning procedure. The Hydrotech HPC System ensures filters are clean and functioning at their best.


Contact us for more information

Contact your Hydrotech representative to learn more about the Hydrotech HPC System. Our team will answer any questions you have and help you determine if the Hydrotech HPC System is the right choice for your Hydrotech Performance Filter.