Aquarium life support

Aquarium life support

Filtration solutions for clear water and high visibility

Hydrotech has developed cost-efficient, environmentally friendly  solutions that eliminate the use of old, expensive, and space demanding applications.

Low energy consumption

One of the major challenges aquariums face is how to filter seawater as cost-efficiently as possible. Traditional sand filters are energy inefficient and sea water-intensive. Hydrotech filter solutions reduce the process to a minimum, saving on energy and water.

Clear and ensured water quality

Water needs to be highly visible to allow visitors to see fish clearly without any problem. By using a drum filter, we can eliminate even the smallest particles.

Koi Ponds

Hydrotech can be used in a recirculated system for private Koi ponds. A Hydrotech filter safeguards biological water treatment and secures cleaner water.


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There are over 11,000 Hydrotech filter units installed around the world. 

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