Manuals and Technical documentation

Operation, service, upgrade manuals and technical documents regarding Hydrotech filters and products used on Hydrotech filters, can be found below.

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Operation and maintenance manuals

HSF1300 / HSF1700 / HSF2100

HSF2200-1/2-C, with PFC Control panel

HSF2200-1/2-F, with PFC Control panel

HSF2200-1/2-F, with PFLC Control panel

HPF2200-1/2-F, with PFLC Control panel

HSF2600-2/3-F, with PFC Control panel

HSF2600-1F, with PFLC Control panel

HSF2600-2/3-F, with PFLC Control panel


Operation and maintenance manuals



HDF1200 / HDF1600 / HDF2000 / HDF2400

HDF1600V / HDF2000V - Value Series

Operation and maintenance manuals

HPC for HSF2600

HPC for HDF (actuator driven) 

HPC for HDF (belt driven)

HCT (Hydrotech Chemical Trolley)

Container unloading instructions

Hydrotech Chemical Cleaning manual

Instruction manuals

Drivebelt replacement, HSF2200

Upgrade from duplex chain to H78 chain, HSF2200


Upgrade to HT78 chain, HDF 16 & 20


Disassemble effluent bearing, HSF2200 / HSF2600

Mirroring sludge trough, HDF1600

Spare parts list


Service pack, HDF800

Service pack, HDF1201-04-1/2F

Service pack, HDF1601-04-1/2F

Service pack, HDF1604/7-1G

Service pack, HDF1605/7-1/2F

Service pack, HDF1608/10-2S/1AS

Service pack, HSF1700-1F

Service pack, HSF1700-2F

Service pack, HDF2005/7-1/2F

Service pack, HDF2008/10-1S

Service pack, HDF2008-10-1AS/2S

Service pack, HDF2008-10V-1AS/2S

Service pack, HSF2200-1/2C

Service pack, HSF2200-1/2F

Service pack, HPF2200

Service pack, HSF2600-1/2F

Motors & gearboxes

Baldor Severe Duty 841XL




SEW R/F/K/S/W-7 Gearbox

SEW Asynchronous Servo Motor


Grundfos CR/CRI/CRN


Kärcher HD 2.3/15 C 120 V 60 Hz

Kärcher HD 6/15 C 230 V 50 Hz

Kärcher HD 6/7/9 220-240 V 50/60 Hz

Frequency inverters

Allen-Bradley Power Flex 4M


Allen-Bradley Power Flex 753

Eurotherm 650 Series

Parker AC10

Inductive sensors

IFM Electric IGT 208/209 EN

LOGO - logic module

Siemens Logo

Non-contact switches

Allen-Bradley MC1/MC2 440N

Soft starters

Allen-Bradley 150-C


Siemens 3RW30

Magnetic pulse encoders

Ströter MIG NOVA+

Electric Relays

Releco C9...

Linear actuators

Linak LA12

Linak LA36

Thomson MX24


Allen-Bradley Micrologix 1400


Pressure switches

Schneider electric XML

Level transmittors

Endresser Hauser FMX21